nice to meet you!

I’m Oakley, a Perth based creative with years of experience and more ideas than I know what to do with. I have been designing and photographing for clients around the south west of Australia for the past few years, and have recently relocated to Perth for study. Currently based out of Murdoch, I study creative media and strategic communication, a powerful combination of skills I’d love to offer you. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some fantastic projects (such as working with Australia Hockey for a tournament in Fiji), and to wind down at more than a few award galas (most recently the Bond University Film and Television awards in the Gold Coast, where I took home Best Achievement in Editing).

lending a hand

Soon after entering the field, I realised that I could help so many more people by moving away from awards and exhibitions, and looking to the people who need help. I began by volunteering my services to non-for-profits, finding local events, bands, and businesses who could use an aesthetic pick-me-up. As I entered the industry I found that too many design and photography businesses are outdated, overpriced, and unwilling to help; in 2018 I launched Upper Hand Designs; a creative media business that offers the advantage of a new perspective with a multi-disciplinary skill set (and without the markup). Since then, I’ve been helping clients to develop, strengthen, or resuscitate their brand and image.

recent work


shift festival 2019 band photography

In April 2019 I made the trek down to Bunbury for the YAC’s Shift Festival to work with two fantastic artists; Elavina and Joan & the Giants. The beginning of the day was made up of liaising with event crew and sound and lighting technicians to make sure everything was looking and sounding as good as possible. Once all my pre-show checks are done, I head backstage to chat with the performers before they go on. This helps me to know if there are any images they need in particular, where I need to be and when, and to get to know the client a bit better.

Once my legs are sore, my SD cards are full, and the music has stopped, I grab any last shots before chatting to the band and heading back to edit the photos. I take my editing gear and retreat to a dark, comfy room where I process and edit all the photos before sending them off. All the images are sent to the band at full resolution without watermarks for everyone to review and let me know if they want any revisions. Only once everyone is 100% happy with the photos will I go near an invoice or a pillow. By the next morning, both artists had all their images in their inbox for some post-performance social media content.

oleology expo promotional video

Looking for a new way to promote their water treatment company, Oleology reached out to me to create some short videos at the upcoming Australian Oil and Gas conference in February 2019. I undertook the full process of the project, including pre-production, a two-day shoot, and the editing of three promotional videos with as many revisions as needed.

Throughout the shoot, I worked closely with Oleology’s team to capture a consistent message from the conference. I was required to capture multi-camera coverage of their CEO’s presentation, documentation of interaction with clients, along with conducting interviews and liaising with potential clients.

Oleology now has three new videos to boost their online presence and to engage clients better. Throughout the process I gathered photographic documentation as well, so I was able to offer a photography package on top of the videos for free.



bunbury chinese new year festival 2019 event photography

In February 2019, Bunbury hosted the annual Chinese New Year festival, and I was approached for graphic design and photography. I began by researching the culture surrounding the festivals before designing the signs for the festival. I was responsible for original artwork, layout, and copy writing.

During the festival, I was to liaise with sponsors and performers, along with gathering photos from the main stage, booths, and backstage areas. I was also to gather photos for each of the sponsors, speakers, and performers. At events like this, I carry small release forms for event attendees to sign, along with gathering verbal permission to ensure the event organiser has full rights to the images.

After the event, I edited the photos that night and delivered over 150 fully-edited images by 3:00 AM for post-event recaps on their website and social media pages.